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Hey Letterheads,

I’m afraid I have some not entirely good news to share. As a few of you have known for some time, my life has been taking me in some radically different directions over the last couple of years. I have known for some time that a significant change was going to need to be made to accommodate my changing geographical obligations. It is with a heavy heart I am announcing the closure of the Honesdale Letterhead Comics location.

Honesdale and Wayne County has been the home of an incredible set of experiences in my life; being the first place I ever chose to move to with no pre-existing connection (twice). My first success in business, my first time living on my own, getting engaged and getting married. And one of the things I count myself the luckiest with has the been the incredible opportunity to see and participate in the revitalization of what I really do think is the best place to live in the country. Honesdale has a fire in its heart, and when I came it was just starting, but now I think it will burn strong for many years to come.

Thank you so much to every single person who has supported me and everyone here on Main Street for the last several years. I hope you will continue to support whatever comes next. We will be remaining open until the last day of this year. And subscribers can rest easy knowing we will be running things much the same as always. New Comics on Wednesday? Of course! No changes there. In the meantime, we’ll be discounting just about everything so I hope that you’ll all find time over the last quarter to come down, so I can say hi, bid you an honest farewell, thank you earnestly in person, and maybe of course sell a few books.

It’s been real folks. I think it fitting to borrow a closing statement from our godfather of comics. Until next time, make mine Honesdale!


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